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First things First: Training puppy from day one!

When you first bring your puppy home, try to remember this. Earn-Contain-Train.


Your puppy needs to earn everything you give him. Dogs are working animals and need the physical and mental stimulation that even simple tasks provide. Even a simple task such as a sit prior to feeding is asking a puppy to work for his food. A sit and eye contact before they receive a toy is another way to earn and learn. If you need to lure the puppy into a sit to accomplish this initially... that is perfectly fine. Eventually, the puppy will learn to sit when he approaches you.


When you bring your puppy home please don't give them the run of the house!!!! I strongly suggest purchasing a small 4 or 6 panel play pen for your puppy when if first comes home. you can place your puppy in the contained area close to you as you do your daily routine. This keeps your puppy from chewing or using the bathroom throughout your house. Giving toys to play with within the pen allows your puppy the stimulation he will need. Be sure to take the puppy outside to potty before removing him from the pen to play or train with him.


Part of the "play" time spent with a puppy can and should be train time as well. Dogs love being given things to do and having them work a few minutes on training activities is healthy mental stimulation and a wonderful bonding too. Be sure to use a mark word such as "yes" when puppy does what you ask. Do this within 3 seconds of the accomplishment. Also, as a side note, if your puppy should ever startle of become frightened, within 3 seconds - call the puppy to you and encourage (not caudle) the puppy. This will help desensitize the puppy from a negative sight or sound experience.

For more training tips, I encourage you to check out If you decide to use this valuable program, use the 20% discount code FOREVERFRIENDS. This program is a self paced, lifetime access program with videos and live online, in person training with one on one appointments available included with the program. It is an incredible resource!!

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