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IThe attention and intention that Forever Friends Labradoodles invests in their puppies is exceptional! First of all, they love these dogs! Each and every one, and they can tell you at the drop of a hat what the differences are in each puppy (looks and personality). Since they are born into a home environment, they are already used to noises that happen in a home - the vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, hair dryer, and television. Each puppy gets a dedicated amount of individual time, and is ready for the physical interactions the vet and groomer will need to do what they need to in order to stay healthy. And finally (and it bears repeating), they love these dogs!!! The puppies themselves are sweet with the softest fur you can imagine. They are cuddlers, smart learners, and entertaining playmates. I feel like I've done something brilliant with all the compliments that I get while walking my dog!                      Babs Mullinax

Forever Friends Labradoodles
Reviews and Testimonials


Christi R.

When our family decided to get a dog, I did a lot of research and determined that an Australian Labradoodle would be a great fit for us. Then, I started researching local breeders and found Forever Friends. It was really important to us that our puppy be in a small, family environment right from the start and that was where FF really stood out. Suzan was great about communicating with us from when the puppies were born, to when it was time to bring ours home, and we still keep in contact (mostly with cute pictures).


Wrigley has been the perfect addition to our family. He was actually the shy one in his litter, but he took right to our family. We were surprised by how easy he was to potty & crate train - part of this is due to the intelligence of the breed, but it’s also due to Suzan’s work with the puppies in their first few weeks to begin to develop these skills. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience or more in love with our pup.

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