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Recommendations for You and Your new Puppy!

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting but it can be a bit overwhelming as well.  I have compiled a list a few things you might what to consider purchasing, reading, or doing before your bring your puppy home.

Proper Nutrition with Paw Tree
Optimal Nutrition is key to excellent health and longevity for your pet.  Paw Tree recipes are formulated with no corn, no wheat and no soy because they know our pets rely on us to make the best nutrition choices for them. Their recipes contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or poultry by-products.

I recommend Chicken and Sweet Potato initially, but you may cycle through any of the protein foods as you wish. 

**If you use Paw Tree for a year, will will extend the health guarantee to 3 years!!



A few suggestions...

Sign up with Baxter and Bella Online Puppy School using our discount code: FOREVERFRIENDS

Enroll in Trupanion pet insurance with our code the day you pick up your puppy.

Code information

Above is the link to the Forever Friends Labradoodles Amazon Puppy Wish List.  Check it out for ideas to see if you may be forgetting something you will need for your new forever friend.


Snuggle Puppy

You can purchase a sleep time friend from us that has a heartbeat and the scent of the litter for only $35.00

Snuggle Puppy
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