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Training is the Key!

Everyone wants to have that dog that lays quietly at their owner's feet at an outdoor cafe or walks obediently beside them even when other people or dogs or around. Dogs just don't do that automatically! It takes time, commitment, and patience. Training is the key. Consistency in training more specifically. Forever Friends Labradoodles highly recommend that you enroll your puppy in an in-person puppy training class as soon as possible. Don't just attend the class, but practice at home a couple times a day as you go through the class. We also recommend Baxter & Bella online training in addition to the in-person training. It is a lifetime class, and you can get a 25% discount by using the code FOREVERFRIENDS.

We do try to get you puppy introduced to basic handling and a sit before they go home with you. BUT-- it is only an introduction. We also offer different training options here as well. Check out the training options tab on our site. Below you will see 9-week-old Dominic (Bentley) working on his sit and down.

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